Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia was founded in 1965 as a small field grown azalea nursery. The current owner, Robin Rinaca, purchased the nursery in 1980 and started expanding the product mix. Container production was started in 1982 due to market demand. In 1994, nearly 70% of the production was in containers and field production was ceased.


In the early 1980’s the nursery grew only broadleaf evergreens, with azaleas, rhododendron and pieris the top three species. By the late 80’s, the product line had expanded to include deciduous flowering shrubs, ilex, and many additional varieties of azaleas and rhododendron.

In 1994, the nursery began growing Stark Bro's fruit trees and a few years later, ornamental and shade trees. The tree business grew rapidly and in 2000 a pot-in-pot production area was developed.The focus is still on small (7 and 15 gallon) trees for the independent garden center market. Several years later, small fruits (blueberries, figs, grapes, brambles) were added as a logical complement to fruit trees. With edibles continuing to be an important product line, the types and selection of fruit has grown to be the largest of any grower in the Mid-Atlantic area.

The Hollybrook Orchards® brand was developed to encompass all types of fruit producing plants. The brand is recognized widely with botanical illustrations for the images on the picture tags. This brand is only grown by Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia.

The nursery started growing garden roses in 2011 when The Conard Pyle Co. discontinued production of finished roses. Roses are grown in more than 40 overwintering houses with roll up sides. Currently Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia grows over 200 varieties of roses, including the best of Star Roses, Weeks Roses and David Austin (R) Roses.


The propagation department propagates over 300,000 woody liners in a 15,000 square foot gutter connected greenhouse. The species vary from ilex, azaleas, pieris, raspberries, to magnolias. Most tree liners are grown by liner nurseries as well as patented plants and tissue culture liners.


The nursery currently consists of 290 contiguous acres. Shrubs are grown in over 300 overwintering houses that are covered with plastic for the winter. Fruit trees are grown above ground and with AGS (Above Ground System) pots and irrigated with overhead and drip irrigation. Ornamental trees are grown for one season in 7 and 15 gallon containers on drip irrigation. Irrigation water comes primarily from surface water pumped out of 8 ponds on the nursery. The media used is composted pine bark and sand. Pesticides are applied by a custom aerial applicator and nursery staff.


The nursery ships from Maine to North Carolina and as far West as Wisconsin, primarily to independent garden centers and wholesale nursery distributors. Our sales representatives are independent reps.

Quality is a much overused term. Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia strives to keep QUALITY in mind with all facets of the operation—from order processing, inventory control and shipping. Growing a good plant is not enough. To become trusted as an important supplier, every effort must be made to conduct all phases of the business in a professional, responsive manner.


Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia is a wholesale nursery supplying garden centers, re-wholesale nurseries, and landscapers with the highest quality container-grown trees, including over 150 fruit tree varieties, along with the newest cutting edge flowering and ornamental shrubs. With over 50 azalea varieties, hundreds of hybrid and shrub rose cultivars, rhododendrons, grasses, and hydrangeas, you will surely find what you are looking for. article.php We strive to grow the highest quality fruit trees, roses and flowering shrubs provide them to our wholesale customers in a timely and efficient manner. We can ship anywhere on the east coast and mid-west via insulated, shelved tractor trailers. Our entire catalog is available on electronic media or print format, with what's new available here. In addition our current availability is updated weekly.