Eastern Shore Nursery Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why do we ship trees separate from the shrubs?
  • 2. How are the shrubs shipped?
  • 3. Are azaleas shipped before they are in bloom?
  • 4. What is the advantage to buying the May product?
  • 5. Easter Shore Discounts
  • 6. Are roses ready to sell when they are delivered?
  • 7. After initial spring shipments, how often do you ship into the area?
  • 8. What about pre-pricing?
  • 9. Tags on plants?
  • 10. How Soon Can I Expect Fruit?
  • 11. How and When To Prune Blueberry Bushes?
  • 12. What Is Fire Blight?
Answer 1
We floor load our trees due to their height , we also want to ship the trees dormant for ease on your end.
Answer 2
We ship our shrubs with rack trucks. By using rack trucks we can load efficiently without the risk of damage caused by stacking shrubs.
Answer 3
We want our flowering shrubs blooming at your garden center. Our goal is to ship them with tight buds so that you can offer the best looking product to your customers.
Answer 4
By May 15th, many of our shrubs are in bloom, offering you color for Mother's Day and memorial weekend you wouldn't normally have available to you.
Answer 5
We have a very aggressive discount program, ranging from 5-22%. With our wide selection to choose from, it is easy to take advantage of discounts, no matter the size of your business.
Answer 6
Our goal is to have our roses retail ready and in bloom for Mother's Day weekend.
Answer 7
We ship weekly throughout the summer and fall into most areas. Many times we can get you your order within a few days.
Answer 8
We offer pre-pricing at a minimal fee.
Answer 9
All our fruit trees have large tags with pollination and plant care information. Every fruit is hand painted for each label.
Answer 10
This is a very common question for those interested in fruit trees. People that want to take the time to plant and care for the trees want to know how soon they can be rewarded by the fruit that the trees will bear. The answers to these questions will depend on the variety that you are trying to grow.

Generally speaking, a fruit tree is able to bear fruit when it can blossom on its own. It takes several years for this to happen. The environment can effect the amount of time that it takes to bear fruit. Factors such as age, growing conditions, and cold or chill hours all will determine the time frame for fruit production. Also, dwarf trees will often produce fruit 1 to 3 years sooner then the full size version of the tree.
Answer 11
Pruning is necessary to maintain the health of your blueberry bushes. However, you must be careful as pruning can directly effect the fruit production of your plant. Pruning is best done when the bush is dormant, either in the late fall or the early spring. Spring is often the preferred time because you will be able to see which (if any) branches were damaged through the winter and need to be trimmed.
Answer 12
Fire Blight is a bacterial infection that can be fatal to many varieties of apple and pear trees. This blight enters damaged sections of the tree. It can enter through the flower. The bacteria is usually transmitted from insects and rain or overhead watering Watch your pruning tools.You will need to sterilize them after removing infected area from the tree.



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